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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

5 Adorable Pet Photography Ideas from Famous Dog Photographers That May Inspire You

Photo Credit: Mindy Dutka/

Do you love pet photography? If so, you will adore these adorable pet photography ideas from famous dog photographers! These talented professionals have a way of capturing the personality and spirit of each pet they photograph.

Not only will their work inspire you to take better photos of your own pets, but it may also encourage you to try new styles and techniques. So grab your camera and get ready for some inspiration!

What is Pet Photography?

Pet photography in a nutshell is simple. It basically captures the animal’s temperament, traits, routines, and other special moments. Usually, professional pet photographers use special equipment to help them get better shots of their subjects.

This type of photography can be quite challenging since animals are not easy to control and predict. You need to look for pet photographers who have the patience, skill, and creativity to get great shots. Read more about what to look for when hiring a pet photographer here.

5 Types of Pet Photography

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One of the great things about pet photography is that there are endless possibilities for creative shots. From close-ups to action shots, there is a style of pet photography to suit everyone.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started:

1) Headshots

A headshot is a simple but effective way to capture your pet’s personality. What it is is that you take a photo of your pet’s head and shoulders while they are looking at the camera.

This type of shot is perfect for pet profiles or pet ID photos. But it can also be used for more creative purposes, such as making a pet portrait.

2) Action Shots

If your pet is full of energy, why not try capturing them in mid-action? This can be tricky, but it’s definitely worth it when you get that perfect shot.

Action shots are great for pet portfolios or pet websites. They can also be used to create fun and whimsical pet portraits.

3) Candid shots

Sometimes the best photos are the ones that are taken spontaneously.  Candid shots are perfect for capturing your pet’s natural personality and behavior.

To get candid shots of your pet, try following them around with your camera or setting up a tripod and taking photos while they play.

4) Portraits

A pet portrait is a beautiful way to capture your pet’s likeness. It is a more formal type of pet photography that is usually taken in a studio setting.

To get the perfect pet portrait, you will need to work with a professional pet photographer. But the results will be worth it!

5) Environment shots

In pet photography, environment shots are taken to capture the pet in its natural habitat. This could be at home, in the park, or even in the wild.

Environment shots are perfect for your pet’s Instagram page or pet blogs. They can also be something you frame and keep on display in your home.

5 Pet Photography Ideas from Famous Dog Photographers That May Inspire You

Photographer #1 Gerrard Gethings 

Photographer and dog enthusiast Gerrard Gethings is well known for his expressive images of animals. He has created fashion, lifestyle, and animal photography for many different editorial, TV, and commercial clients.

Gethings’ pet photography is often described as “visually storytelling.” He captures not only the physical appearance of his subjects but also their personalities and emotions.

He is widely known for capturing the similarities between dogs and their humans. It is not surprising that people and dogs come to resemble one another since they have forged relationships that are quite strong. These “doggelgängers” are highlighted in Gethings’ pet photography series.

Photo Credit: Gerrard Gethings

Photographer #2 Elke Vogelsang 

Germany-based Elke Vogelsang is a self-taught photographer. She turned to photography to help her cope with the hard period when her spouse developed a serious illness a few years ago. Thankfully, everything worked out well. The love of photography eventually developed into a job and something similar to a therapeutic artistic release.

She focuses on photographing people and animals in a simple and natural way. Vogelsang captures the pet’s individual character in every photo while making sure that the environment flatters them too. The Daily Mail and Huffington Post, among other international publications, have used her photos.

Photo Credit: Elke Vogelsang

Photographer #3 Vincent J. Musi

Even if you don’t know him by name, chances are that you’re familiar with photographer Vincent J. Musi’s incredible work. For over 20 years, Musi traveled the world photographing a variety of subjects for National Geographic (and made the cover 12 times), cultivating a specialty in animal photography along the way.

In 2017, Musi ended his travels to spend time with his wife and son at home in South Carolina. He opened The Unleashed Studio, focusing on fine-art portraits of dogs using the same lighting and photography techniques that he picked up during his career

Aside from his popular Instagram account, Musi’s photographs, coupled with clever and captivating “dogographies,” can be found in his latest book, The Year of the Dogs.,

Photo Credit: Vincent J. Musi

Photographer #4 William Wegman

William Wegman is an American artist best known for creating a series of compositions involving dogs, primarily his own Weimaraners in various costumes and poses. 

Wegman’s pet photography is often playful and whimsical. He is known for using props and costumes to create unique and interesting compositions.

Photo Credit: William Wegman

Photographer #5 Monica Van Der Maden

Monica is a photographer from Hungary who resides in the picturesque Eastbourne, East Sussex. She has been a photographer for approximately 7 years, specializing in travel, wedding, and portraiture.

That all changed when a woman named Agnes approached her to shoot pictures of her four-month-old puppy Alfie, her interest in dog photography first began. Now she is well-known for her pet photography, having worked with dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Photo Credit: Monica Van Der Maden

Tips on how to take better pictures on your own

If you’re looking to take better pet photos on your own, here are a few tips:

  • Get down on their level: This will help you capture your pet’s perspective and create a more intimate photo.
  • Use natural light: When taking pictures indoors, try to position your pet near a window so they are lit by natural light.
  • Let them be themselves: Pets are often most photogenic when they’re just being themselves, so try to capture them in moments where they’re relaxed and comfortable.
  • Hire a professional pet photographer: If you’re looking for high-quality pet photos, your best bet is to hire a professional pet photographer. Hiring a pro will ensure that you get the best possible photos of your pet.


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