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5 Tips for Creating Your Own Visual Brand for Your Pet Business

Creating the best visual brand identity that properly communicates who you are to your audience is vital.

Especially since people tend to use visual elements to make initial assumptions about what to expect from a particular business.

If you’re looking for ideas, here’s how to do it and why.

What is a visual brand identity?

A visual brand identity is the collection of graphic elements that represent and differentiate your brand from your competitors.

It doesn’t only include the colors and logo you’re using, but the photos and fonts as well.

With a carefully developed and coherent design, your potential customers will come to link the visual brand with the offerings and value of your pet business.

Most people usually interchange branding and visual brand identity, but one thing you should know is that there’s a difference between them.

Branding is a strategy that talks about the process of creating a brand to raise brand loyalty.

It includes defining the values, archetypes, voice, communication strategy, and visual identity of your brand.

On the other hand, visual brand identity sets the guidelines that promote consistency among your brand’s visual elements.

In other words, visual brand identity is the pillar that helps you establish your pet business branding in today’s highly competitive market.

Why is a visual brand important for your pet business?

1) A brand visual style guide helps you raise greater brand awareness and recognition.

Your visual brand is the first element that potential customers see, which means that it’s the first thing that will remind people of your pet brand.

For example, when you think of McDonald’s or Apple, you immediately think of their respective logos, right?

That’s because we usually remember the visual brand more often than the language they use.

You should note, though, that awareness and recognition don’t immediately mean that you have yourself a customer. But, it does increase the chances of your pet business getting one.

2) A visual brand helps you better communicate with your audience.

Just like with visual storytelling, the goal of a brand visual style guide is to connect your pet brand emotionally to your consumers.

Therefore, if you have a visual brand, you can better understand how to communicate your branding with your audience even before they transact with you.

Think of the visual brand as the face and personality of your pet business.

If people find it appealing and easy to understand, they’re more likely to associate with you since they find you meaningful to their lives.

On the other hand, if they don’t, they’ll likely veer away instead and forget about you.

Because of this, an impressionable visual brand identity matters.

the visual brand

3) A visual brand identity helps you distinguish your products and services.

From your customers’ perspective, it’s not much about what your brand is but what they feel about it.

For example, pet parents usually go for friendly, cute, and fun visual designs rather than gloomy ones.

And if you add some unique touches here and there, you can easily make yourself more distinguishable than other pet businesses.

4) It also helps you create a sense of consistency and continuity for your brand.

Did you know that consistent branding across all platforms can easily increase your revenue by around 23%?

This consistency applies to the visual brand, too.

When you’re pet business branding is consistent, you paint an image to your customers that you’re a well-organized and professional enterprise.

This makes them more willing to buy your products and get your services.

5 tips for creating a visual brand identity that easily captivates your audience

1) Understand who your audience is.

Before positioning your brand to better connect with your target audience, you must first understand them to a certain degree.

Demographics and psychographics are just some of the information you have to know.

This first step makes the rest of your branding process so much easier since it lets you know how to talk to your audience properly.

2) Identify your brand personality.

Your visual brand is the mixture of qualities, values, and characteristics you want to represent.

For example, if you’re going for “innovative pet products”, your visuals should properly portray it. It would be best if this aligns with your brand mission as well.

You have to answer questions like “What do I want to be known for?” and “What visual elements would best reflect my pet business?”.

You can then create a description of your brand personality from there.

Just remember to keep this consistent across all your communication channels to remain relevant and relatable.

3) Develop emotional appeal.

You can forge a deeper connection with your potential customers by infusing emotions into your visual brand. This also leaves behind a memorable image in their minds.

For it to work, you have to decide what emotions you want your audience to feel when they see your pet brand.

If you have all that, you’re now set to build the visual brand of your choosing.

4) Build your visual brand.

To make sure that everything is consistent when building your visual brand identity, it’s best to create a brand visual style guide first.

This doesn’t only include the color palette and fonts of your choice but also the images that would best represent your pet brand.

You can use color psychology to pick a shade that matches your identity and choose two complementary fonts to represent your brand.

If you already have a logo before all this, you can simply redesign it if it doesn’t match your current goals.

5) Treat your visual brand as part of your pet business marketing strategy.

This is to help you remain consistent since consistency is one of the most important marketing strategies to keep in mind.

The more consistent you are, the more ingrained your pet business will be in your audience’s mind.

Inevitably, this will lead to more customers buying your pet products and availing of your services.

the visual brand

What makes a strong visual brand?

1) A good visual brand is meaningful.

The visual brand of your pet business is a vital communication tool that lets you better connect with your customers.

It’s crucial, therefore, that you use meaningful visual brand language that reinforces your brand voice and personality.

2) It’s simple yet memorable.

A strong visual brand identity is one that promotes brand recognition.

Therefore, the visual brand of your pet business should be simple enough to be easily recognized and remembered by your audience.

3) It is versatile and consistent.

A strong visual brand has elements you can easily use, even in your other visual brand assets.

This makes it easier for your pet business to provide the same brand experience in all your marketing channels.

Creating your own visual brand identity for your pet business

Evidently, there are plenty of benefits you can get from creating a visual brand identity for your own pet brand.

Not only does it boost your pet business’ visibility, distinction, and recognition, but it also helps your pet brand become more relatable to your customers.

This ensures that you’re pulling in enough customers that will help you and your pet business grow.

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