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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

A Gift for Life Not Just a Birthday

Darcy Gift Certificate

Darcy is a 1 year old Black Lab mix rescued from Mississippi.

Darcy had 6 brothers and sisters and was the runt of the litter, but she has captured the heart of her new mom Tina and is the love of her life.

Her dear friend could think of no better gift than a Dogs I Meet photo shoot gift certificate to give Tina for her birthday.

Tina says, “I received a Dogs I Meet gift certificate from one of my best friends. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I didn’t need to worry.”

“Mindy was wonderful and went above and beyond to get the perfect shots of my dog Darcy who absolutely loved the photo shoots.”

“The whole experience was fantastic…from the photo shoot, to the “reveal” which is an experience in itself, to getting the pictures!”

And the pictures…I never knew you could have such wonderful pictures of your dog and in such unique, beautiful displays!”

DIM: Darcy is your first dog. What is it like?
Tina: Like having a toddler with teeth! I can’t believe I’ve never experienced the joy of having a dog before. I’m overjoyed to have Darcy in my life.

DIM: What are three of the greatest pleasures you get from Darcy?
Tina: 1. She makes me laugh every day. 2. She makes me get out and walk everyday. 3. She is great company!

DIM: How has Darcy enriched your family?
Tina: We have to be together to care for her. She’s all about fun and reminds us to be happy and focus on enjoyment and the time we spend together.

DIM: If you were to write a letter to Darcy what would you say?
Tina: Dear Darcy, Thank you for coming into our lives and bringing us joy and laughter and making me get out into the world. You are 70 pounds of trouble but I can no longer imagine my life without you. I love you SO much.

Favorite Food: Anything
Favorite Pastime: Eating & Playing
Naughtiest Deed: Too many to list
Favorite Toy: Stuffies – she loves to deconstruct them
Obsession: Food

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