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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

Bailey to the Rescue

Bailey to the Rescue

Being a Goldendoodle one would think I loved to swim, truth be told I am more of a wader.

I do enjoy the water if I am floating on a raft in the pool or splashing in puddles or in the bathtub. That was true until that fateful day when I sensed my human was in trouble and was in need of being saved.

A few summers ago my pawrents took me to Rhode Island. We were 5 minutes from the beach staying at a house with a beautiful yard overlooking the ponds that connect to the ocean. It was awesome I loved hanging at the beach everyday and relaxing by the house.

One afternoon my human #2 decided to go out onto the pond in something called a kayak. I stayed back with human#1. I watched human #2 climb into the boat and drift out to sea. My danger alert went off in a big way!

I started running back and forth barking wondering what was wrong with my mom who just kept sitting in her lounge chair reading. I finally got her attention only to have her hold me by the collar so I couldn’t run.

I said to myself, this isn’t going to happen on my watch and I slipped my collar and raced into the water.

I swam as fast as I could with no regard for my own safety or realizing that it was the first time I had ever actually swam. I could hear my mom screaming to my dad “turn around, turn around Bailey is in the water” Eventually he did turn around and the kayak started to come closer.

I wasn’t taking any chances I kept swimming until I was right next to the boat and then I swam alongside the kayak until we got back to shore.

Mom stood at the shoreline in panic mode, she had a camera in her hand but didn’t think to take pictures until my dad shouted “take pictures”. After an exhausting swim and rescue I got my dad safely back to shore.

I was pretty pleased with myself and started wondering what kind of hero’s welcome awaited. Much to my dismay the only thing coming was a humiliating cold water hose down something about salt water that needed to be rinsed off.

Actually my parents do beam with pride and tell the story of my selfless bravery often so I guess they did recognize I was a hero. Not only did I save my Dad, I overcame my fear of swimming and now there is no stopping me.

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