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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

Bella the Lap Dog

Bella the Lap Dog

Meet Bella, an 11 year old cockapoo who, if nothing else, can be described as a “good girl”

But good girl doesn’t quite cover the depths of Bella.

Bella enjoys living in the lap of simple luxuries – her ideal lap being the couch cuddled up against her humans and luxury being a few slices of, only the finest, american cheese.

But any cheese will probably do. Bella’s obsession is food and affection. Keep her belly full and the rest of her smothered in love and you’ll find yourself in the company of the best pet.

Bella the Lap Dog

Affection is not only a request in Bella’s eyes. You’ll see what I mean if you try to walk away from a cuddle session before she’s ready!

Those eyes will also tell you when it’s time to let her enjoy a peaceful nap by herself. Don’t worry though, a little “me time” and she’ll be back by your side before you know it.

Bella loves her lifelong family more than anything and couldn’t stand to be away too long. Bella has an intuition that can only be acquired through a long life of knowing and loving her family.

She will always find the one who needs her most in the room.

Whether that means finding the one who’s just a bit anxious or realizing her mom has just been through an upsetting car accident… Bella will lend a helping paw and a furry shoulder to cry on.

Her love of food, naps, and family, as well as her golden curls and you’ll-do-as-I-say attitude have landed Bella with the recognizable persona of an italian grandmother: loving, well-loved, and fierce as can be.

There’s a fire in Bella… a fire similar to rocket fuel that makes an appearance any time she’s given a bath.

That fire takes her post-bath little body shooting around the house, bouncing off walls and furniture.

That ornery grandma streak comes out and chooses these moments to torment the cat who probably can’t decide what’s worse, the unexpected turn of events or the fact that her pursuer is soaking wet.

Always stylish, always fabulous, and a spit-fire to boot: to know Bella truly is to love her.

Favorite Food: American Cheese
Favorite Toy: Lamb Chop
Obsession: Food and Affection
Celebrity Twin: Beyonce

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