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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

Best Practices Pet Insurance Companies Should Follow for Their Instagram Branding Strategies

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Unlike health insurance for humans, pet insurance is not in the essential category for pet owners. Many pet parents have concerns that pet insurance does not cover enough pet medical expenses to make the premiums worthwhile and they opt to pay for the cost of their pet’s treatment out of pocket.

As a result, pet insurance companies need to work harder on their branding and marketing strategies to increase the sales of their products and services. One way they can do that is by leveraging Instagram.

Instagram has over 500 million daily active users and 70% of them say they have learned about a product or service on the platform. That’s a lot of potential customers for pet insurance companies!

But how can pet insurance companies make the most out of Instagram and use it to boost their brand? In this blog post, we’ll share the best practices that pet insurance companies should follow for their Instagram branding strategy.

The importance of social media, Instagram, and online marketing campaigns to target customers

97% of small businesses, according to Social Media Examiner, use social media to draw in new clients. But 85% of company owners are unsure of the best social media platforms to use.  Not to mention, 63% of people who conduct online business searches are more likely to purchase products from brands that have a strong social media presence. 

This shows how social media marketing has a lot of potential to boost sales, but there is a dearth of knowledge on how to make it happen. 

This is why social media, online marketing, and even brand visual strategy are important. By using these tools, you can connect with your target customers and create a strong brand presence that will make them want to do business with you.

By sharing informative and engaging content, you can build trust with your audience and increase the sales of your products and services.

Branding Strategy—moving towards mobile optimized content

As people are spending more time on their mobile devices, it’s important for businesses to create content that is optimized for mobile viewing. This means creating visuals that are easy to consume and understand quickly. 

A study done by Adobe says that people are 50% more likely to engage with brands that produce visuals that are easy to understand. And with over 80% of Instagram users accessing the platform through their mobile phones, it’s essential to create content that is mobile-friendly. 

The best way to have the perfect visuals for your brand is to work with a brand strategist. Brand strategists are experts in creating visuals that capture the essence of your brand and resonate with your target customers.

Some of the things that a brand strategist can do for you include:

  • Develop a brand visual strategy that aligns with your business goals
  • Create high-quality, custom visuals that capture the attention of your target customers
  • Create engaging valuable content that adds value to your brand


If you’re interested, you can read more about the reasons why you should work with a brand strategist here: 5 Reasons Why You Should Work With a Brand Strategist for Pet Brands

Best Practices Pet Insurance Companies Should Follow for Their Instagram Branding Strategies

Now that we’ve talked about the importance of social media and brand visual strategy, let’s move on to the best practices that pet insurance companies should follow when marketing on Instagram.

Practice #1 Establish a clear voice and tone for your brand on Instagram

Your brand voice is the way you communicate with your audience and it should be consistent across all your channels. This means using the same language, messaging, and visuals on all of the platforms you use. If you usually communicate in a friendly and casual tone on your website, you should do the same on Instagram. 

For example, if your brand is known for being playful and fun, your Instagram content should reflect that. On the other hand, if your brand is more serious and informative, your content should be reflective of that as well. By being consistent,  you will create a cohesive brand identity that will be easily recognizable by your target customers.

Practice #2 Use custom images that evoke emotions to showcase the benefits of pet insurance.

By now you already know that visuals are important for Instagram’s success. And since we’re talking about pets, that means using images that tell the stories of how having pet insurance can give pet owners peace of mind and the ability to make the best possible medical decisions for their beloved pet without the worry of costs. High-quality visuals that remind people of the bond they share with their pet allow pet parents to feel the importance of protecting their beloved animal with pet insurance.

Your pet insurance company should take advantage of this by using images that highlight the human-animal bond. Not only will this help you capture the attention of your target customers, it will also help create an emotional connection with them. 

That’s why here at Dogs I Meet, I take striking custom images to help pet brands engage with their target audience on Instagram. We understand the power of brand visual strategy, which is why we work with you to create the perfect visual storytelling assets for your brand.

If you’re looking for high-quality, custom images to connect with your target customers, and driving home the benefits of pet insurance, we’re here to help!

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Practice #3 Post interesting and engaging content that will capture your audience’s attention

It’s not enough to just post fabulous images on Instagram. You also need to make sure that your content is interesting and engaging. This means creating content that will capture your audience’s attention and prompt them to take action. Some ideas for interesting and engaging content include:

  • Informative blog posts about pet insurance
  • Fun infographics about the benefits of pet insurance
  • Stories from happy customers raving about how your pet insurance is a necessity for pet people.
  • Q&As with experts about pet insurance

By doing this, you can draw in your audience by providing informative and valuable content.

Photo credit: Mindy Dutka/

Practice #4 Respond to comments and questions from followers in a timely manner

Another important best practice to follow is to respond to comments and questions from followers in a timely manner.

This shows that you value your customers’ feedback and want to provide them with the best possible experience. When responding to comments, make sure to be friendly and helpful. Thank customers for their positive feedback and address any concerns they may have. This will build their trust in your brand and make them more likely to do business with you in the future.

Practice #5 Make use of hashtags to reach a wider audience

Hashtags are a great way to reach a wider audience on Instagram. When used correctly, they can help you connect with potential customers who are interested in your products and services.

When creating hashtags for your pet insurance brand, make sure to keep them relevant and specific. For example, some relevant hashtags for pet insurance could be: #petinsurance #dogs #cats #pet #puppies #petsofinstagram #vet #insurance #veterinary #veterinarian #petcare #veterinarymedicine #vetmed 

You can connect with potential clients who are interested in your products and services by using relevant and targeted hashtags.

Practice #6  Encourage success stories from happy customers

Encouraging success stories from happy customers is a great way to show the value of your services. When potential customers see how your pet insurance has helped others, they will be more likely to purchase your pet insurance. 

There are a few ways you can encourage success stories from customers. For example, you could create a dedicated hashtag for customers to share their stories. Or, you could create a contest where customers can submit their stories for a chance to win a prize. Whichever method you choose, make sure to let your customers feel that their story matters to you.

Looking for a brand strategist?

If you’re looking for help with your Instagram branding strategy, look no further!

I’m Mindy from Dogs I Meet, a passionate visual storyteller who can convey the feelings you want people to associate with your brand. I can help streamline your branding strategy, craft high-quality visuals, and create content that will engage your audience.

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