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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

Canines and Cocktails

Tea-Leaf and Hark Canine Cocktails

Canines and Cocktails Event – Wellesley College Club, MA

If dogs could leave a Yelp review they would give the Wellesley College Club’s Canines and Cocktails event 5 stars. If you live near Wellesley, MA on Tuesday nights (until September 26th) you and your pooch can enjoy treats and beverages on the terrace.

The dogs that attend the event are deliriously happy, meeting new friends, mooching treats, running on the great lawn and some pups even took a swim. Watching the joyful dogs makes for a fun evening for the humans and the cocktails are pretty good too!

Here are a few lucky dogs that I met. You can see all the photos from the event HERE.

Baxter Canine Cocktails


6 year old Terrier mix

‘Loving wise and happy’

Rocket Canine Cocktails


10 month old Labradoodle

‘Adorable, fast & calm’

Cooper Canine Cocktails


9 year old Golden Retriever

‘Ball obsessed and loves water’

Gilligan Canine Cocktails


3 year old recently rescued Mutt (awaiting DNA results!)

‘Feeling pretty good & embracing his family & happy new life’


5 year old Dachshund ‘Lil Princess’

‘A crybaby but fearless in the woods’

Bella Canine Cocktails
Dash Canine Cocktails


6 year old Dachshund

‘Mellow & sociable, hopeful for dinner crumbs’


5 year old Goldendoodle

‘Loves Chinese food and pizza’

Dewey Canine Cocktails


11 year old Brittany mix

‘Infectious smile, table hopper’


1.5 year old Pit mix

‘Sassy, snuggly & sultry’

Lola Canine Cocktails
Winnie Canine Cocktails


1 year old Labradoodle

‘Loveable, best dog, first time at Canines & Cocktails’


13.5 year old Goldendoodle

‘Social butterfly, and declared it the Best Cocktail Party Ever!’

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