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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

Cowdiy The King of Dogs

Cowdiy (pronounced Cow-dee) may be a little dog, but his friendly and forthright personality rules the household.

Cowdiy is a Chorkie (Chihuahua/Yorkie mix) and, despite weighing only five pounds, he shares more love, light and happiness than Stephanie and Brian can handle. But he knows what he wants, and he knows how to get it.

His personality is almost human and Stephanie feels like he can really listen, understand, even feel what she’s saying to him. He’s such an attentive and intuitive companion she says he could almost be a service dog.

Is it because he’s a small dog? Maybe, but it’s probably because Cowdiy is just special that way. Don’t let his loving, friendly demeanor fool you, though. Cowdiy knows what he wants, and what he wants most is to spend as much time as possible with Stephanie and Brian.

On the weekends Cowdiy will even get Stephanie out of bed, by any means necessary, and sit next to “her” favorite spot, directing her to sit next to him, so that Cowdiy can have some quality family time.

They may be a close family now, but Cowdiy almost didn’t join the household. When Stephanie found him on Petfinders, someone else had already paid a deposit to adopt him.

After a long conversation, the agent handling his adoption called back 15 minutes later to let Stephanie know that she was canceling the other adoption so she could adopt him.

Stephanie and Brian still had to wait a while to bring Cowdiy home. He was in Arkansas, and because he was so small, less than a pound, he couldn’t travel until he was at least pound. When he finally did come home, Stephanie cried at how tiny he was.

Cowdiy wasn’t always his name, though. While waiting to get adopted his name on Petfinders was “Little Johnny Cash” because he was smaller than a dollar bill. Cowdiy is a Hebrew name that means “Acquaintance of God”.

Cowdiy is Brian’s first pet and really is “man’s best friend”. He always makes Brian smile and “doesn’t give him any crap.” Brian will even sneak Cowdiy some cheese as a snack when Stephanie isn’t looking.

More than anything, Brian loves Cowdiy’s sunny disposition. He’s always in a good mood, always happy to see Brian, and when he comes home from work, he can hear Cowdiy’s excited little barks from down the hall ready to greet him when he walks in the door.

It’s almost cliché to say that dogs love their humans unconditionally, but the amount of pure love that Cowdiy’s brought to their lives has taught them how much they can love and can give to another being. They’re sure that as much love as Cowdiy loves them, they love him even more.

Their home is really Cowdiy’s domain. He’s the director and the producer while Stephanie and Brian do his bidding and pay the bills. And none of them would have it any other way.

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