Jazz Levy Zuckerman II


Meet Sophie and her constant companion Jazz

Jazz brings a smile to everyone he comes across. Usually wagging his tail with his tongue out, Jazz can be described as a lover of all; lover of all people, all dogs and all adventures. Jazz’s love affair with people starts with his best friend, his Mom Sophie. Sophie was attending college in New Orleans and her parents, dog lovers themselves, set aside some money for Sophie to get a full bred dog.


Like any good college student she set out to do her research and talk with some breeders. However the breeders were unresponsive so she decided to check out the SPCA.


That was the day she met Jazz. She took him for a walk and after he ran around her feet in circles she knew he was the dog for her.


As a senior at college, Sophie mastered the art of the class schedule and only had classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays so she and Jazz had a lot of time to become fast friends.


Jazz enjoyed the college lifestyle including Happy Hour (and all other hours!) at The Boot, the local Tulane bar, especially the floor of The Boot as well as the attention from the ladies.


After graduating college, Sophie and Jazz headed west to San Francisco. There Sophie met Eric, her now husband, who claims he knew he loved Jazz one month before he told Sophie he loved her.


Little did Eric know not loving Jazz that much would have been a deal breaker. Jazz was a special part of their wedding day as well, walking down the aisle with the best man declaring I Do too!


Jazz really has gone from rags to riches. He has traveled to Aspen many times, Dallas, San Diego, Las Vegas and all over the Bay Area.


Throughout the years, Sophie has lived in multiple states, had various jobs, met her husband, graduated from culinary school and all along the way has had her best friend Jazz as her constant by her side.


We can’t wait to see where life will take Sophie, Eric and Jazz next!


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  1. Debbie spingarn on June 30, 2018 at 10:35 am

    Love these mindy and your wonderful composition and style. I love all the photos you did of sophie and I look at them every day!!!

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