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The Pup from Puerto Rico

Zoro Puerto Rico Pup

Hi, I’m Zora and I arrived two weeks ago from my birthplace, Guayanilla, Puerto Rico.

It’s been quite a dramatic journey getting me to my new home. I don’t know where I was born but shortly after birth my mom, myself, sister and 2 brothers were abandoned outside a police station. Volunteers from the Global United Foundation heard we needed help and came to rescue us but they were too late, we had already been taken by animal control which meant we would soon be euthanized. After 24 hours of searching the volunteers found us and sprung us from Animal Control and brought us to their homes and took care of us. They cared for us until we were healthy, vaccinated and big enough to find our forever families.

Zoro Puerto Rico Pup

The Global United volunteers in Puerto Rico worked with Stray from the Heart Rescue in New Jersey who helped get us adopted. My two brothers left first, Anderson went to Canada and Vidal is currently being fostered in NJ.

Zoro Puerto Rico Pup

My sister Mindy and I (originally named Sarah now known as Zora) went to the airport twice and each time were told at the last minute that the temperature was too high for us to be allowed to travel.

Zoro Puerto Rico Pup

It was determined we would need to fly on a different airline that routed through New York but that ticket cost a lot of money. Global United Foundation was determined to get us to our new homes. 

Zoro Puerto Rico Pup

Another fundraiser was held and enough money was raised for our tickets.  Mindy now lives in Long Island and l landed in Somerville, MA.

Zoro Puerto Rico Pup

The plane ride was scary and I am often shy with so many new things to learn and experience. My mom takes me to work with her every day and I have a new dog best friend that is teaching me how to gain confidence.

Zoro Puerto Rico Pup

Mindy the photographer from Dogs I Meet along with Paola Anderson, founder of Global United Foundation happened to be in Puerto Rico helping when our rescue began.

Zoro Puerto Rico Pup

Coincidently, Mindy lives only 20 minutes away from my new family. She came to meet me last week and took all of these beautiful photos so I could share my happy tale.

Zoro Puerto Rico Pup

I was one of the lucky ones to be rescued. There are still many thousands of dogs that still need help. You can help by spreading the word and donating to Global United Dog Project of Puerto Rico.

Zoro Puerto Rico Pup

They  will use 100% of the money to support their  group of volunteers in Puerto Rico who have been helping the stray population, domestic animals and communities with food and necessities since October 2017. You can read more about Zoro’s story in their local newspaper The Somerville Weekly News.


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  1. Nelson Rivera on July 28, 2018 at 12:39 am

    It’s hard when you find them, raised them and let them go. Hope they get good homes where they can raise them and be happy. They were 4 but I don’t regret what I did cause I start raising them and kept the mother. She will be fix and have a place to call home and be safe. All together are 9 and a cat but I love them all. I’m an animal lover and if I can help I will. I send them to the States with Global United help and one of their members, Janifer and Mary who help me out. Thankyou and I hope they get a good home and place to live. God Bless those 4 babies and send them my love❤️❤️❤️

    • Mindy Dutka on November 16, 2018 at 8:14 pm

      I apologize for the delayed response, I just now saw your message. Thank you for all you do for the dogs. I am so happy that all of the puppies and Mom (Paola) all have happy homes. It is wonderful how everyone worked together to help them.

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