Meet the Dogs of Brimfield


The Dogs of Brimfield Antiques Show

The Brimfield Antiques Show began in the 1950’s and became the largest and best-know antiques show in the country.

Dealers come from all over the world, as do visitors. Let’s not forget the Brimfield Dogs. The ‘Shop Dogs’, ‘Dogs that Shop’ and ‘Dogs in the Shop’. For me they are the heart of the show.

Jamie Scottish Terrier

Shop Dog

Meet Jamie: 12 y/o Scottish Terrier

Lovable but not affectionate

Penny Boxer Pit Visla

Shop Dog

Meet Penny: 8 y/o Boxer, Pit Visla

She is a great listener, is beautiful and has a ‘presence’

It is her 8th year at Brimfield


Shop Dog

Meet Hoey: 8 y/o Gentle Giant


Shop Dogs

Meet Bobby: 15 y/o

He is a wonderful dog. He is blind now but he doesn’t let that get him down

Meet Midnight:

He is sleeping behind Bobby. Midnight wasn’t up for a full meet and greet

Rambo Yorkshire Terrier

Shop Dog

Meet Rambo: 4 m/o Yorkshire Terrier

His name is Rambo because he is a ‘soldier’, he is tough and brings much joy to his owner

Phoebe Doberman

Dog That Shops

Meet Phoebe: 6 y/o Doberman

Hyper, too smart for her own good and thinks she’s a lapdog

Coco Pit Lab Mix

Dog that Shops

Meet Coco: 4 m/o Pit / Lab mix

Coco is a rescue dog

She was found wandering in Central Park and was adopted from NYCACC

Pearl Goldendoodle

Dog that Shops

Meet Pearl: 11 y/o Goldendoodle

Loves kids and is a very good girl


Dog that Shops

Meet Charlie: English Bulldog 10 weeks old

Nickname is Cha Cha

‘Laziest Dog in the World’


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