Photographing Miss Daisy

Daisy Dog Story

“Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole” – Roger Caras

“Thank you so much for a great photo shoot with Daisy. The pictures are absolutely beautiful. You are amazing at what you do and Daisy just loved you. Thank you!” – Dani


Dani and Daisy’s tale together began 7 years ago when Dani walked into a shelter in Texas and found the love of her life, Daisy.


At the time Dani thought she was rescuing Daisy but as so often is the case with dogs their life together became a question of who rescued who.


Daisy instantly became a huge part of Dani and her entire family’s life. Daisy is adored by Dani’s parents and Nana comes every day to watch Daisy while Dani is at work.


Dani shared one of her favorite stories about training Daisy to stay alone in the house. “I left a few of the windows in the house cracked to enjoy some of the lovely fall air and I walked out to the pool area at my apartment complex for about 45 minutes, well at least that was my plan.”


“About 15 mins later I hear this jingling and then this whining noise. I look behind me and there was my fur baby Daisy sitting there looking at me with this huge smile. I panicked at first and then had to figure out what happened!”


“I went back into my apartment and noticed that Miss Daisy had lift up the window with her nose and popped out the screen in order to get to me. That was the day I realized she is my best friend and she would be every moment of the day.”


“She helped me get through a very difficult time in life and I knew she was put into my life for a reason. Over the years her and I have gone through so much together, she has been my constant and my rock.”


Lately Daisy has gone through a very rough few months and has been diagnosed with PLE, protein losing enteropathy. This was one of the most scariest things Dani and her parents have had to go through with Daisy. They feared they might lose her.


Dani said, “This was my turn to be there for her and she is starting to make a full recovery and will be able to live a healthy and happy life.”


“Daisy is just full of life. She always brings a smile to everyone’s face and brightens up their day.”


“She has such a loving personality and I am beyond grateful that I walked into that shelter in Texas and rescued my baby that day.”


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