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An Eternal & Unbreakable Bond

Dogs I Meet Tribute Cadbury

The bond we share with our dog lasts an eternity and is one of the most special bonds in the world.

In February, 2017 I had the honor and privilege to photograph two dogs called Hershey and Cadbury in their backyard – which just happened to be Times Square in NYC. Sadly, Hershey passed away a few weeks after the photo shoot at the age of 19 and last week I learned that Cadbury had passed away at 14.5.

Since the photoshoot, Cadbury and Hershey’s humans, Max & Fran, have become dear friends. I spoke with them to express my condolences and haven’t been able to stop thinking about what Max said, “I will never understand the irony of why our best friends have such a short life span.”

In honor of Caddy I would like to share the beautiful memoriam her dad wrote:

Dogs I Meet Tribute to Cadbury

“Fran, Howard and I sadly wish to inform you of the passing this morning of our dog Cadbury, known to everyone as Caddy. She was 14 and a half. She was a wonderful dog but she passed away peacefully due to sudden acute renal failure.”

Image credit: Max Weisfeld

Cadbury with Hershey

“Caddy arrived into our family in 2006. We adopted her, at the age of two, from her original owners because she had become too large for them. She was a big girl! We were thrilled and so was Hershey! Look at him smiling.”

Image credit: Max Weisfeld

Dogs I Meet Tribute Cadbury

“She quickly bonded to Fran and became Mom’s dog. The girls were always together. If love could have kept her alive she would of lived forever.”

Image credit: Max Weisfeld

Cabury Hershey Sofa

“She was loyal, obedient, playful, energetic and a great, great friend and companion to Hershey. They shared everything, even the love seat! Amazing.”

Image credit: Max Weisfeld

Caddy and Howard

“When Hershey passed away in 2017 and Howard entered our household, Caddy quickly accepted him too. She even let him use her as a rest stop!”

Image credit: Max Weisfeld

Dogs I Meet Tribute Cadbury

Dog’s are our best friend, they give us unconditional love, they bring us joy, and teach us life lessons. At times they also give us grey hairs from stress but would we have it any other way? Loving our beloved dogs is a choice and a gift. With love comes risk, knowing that heartache will come. The costs may be high, but they are undeniably worth it.

Dogs I Meet Tribute Cadbury

There is no understanding why dogs have such a short life span. One of the best explanations I have ever heard came from a 6 year old boy, “I know why…People are born so that they can learn how to live a good life, love everybody all the time and to be nice, right?” He continued, “Well, dogs don’t have to stay as long because they already know how to do that.”

Dogs I Meet Tribute Cadbury

One of the life lessons dogs give us is to live in the moment. Being a dog photographer I understand the importance of documenting “moments”. Photography conjures up memories and emotions the way no other medium can. A single portrait can quickly and powerfully remind you of that once-in a- lifetime experience and that once-in-a-lifetime dog!

Dogs I Meet Tribute Cadbury

Cherish the moments and memories with your dog, most of all document them. Have professional photos taken, snap tons of iphone photos and take a lot of videos. Doing these things through-out your dog’s life will keep your memories alive when they are no longer beside you. They will help with the heartbreak and remind you every day of the love you and your best friend shared.

Dogs I Meet Cadbury

Caddy’s dad Max said, “Looking at pictures, instantly makes the memories and the associated stories come flooding back. That process happens EVERY time we look at the pictures that you produced for us Mindy, of both Hershey and Cadbury. Perhaps we would recall them otherwise, but our pictures of them (from you) make that happen instantly and effortlessly.”

Dogs I Meet Tribute Cadbury

Dogs I Meet is proud to have Cadbury as our website cover girl and this image of her taken on the photoshoot in NYC is a favorite. It really captures her personality and her eyes shine bright with the love she had for her forever human family and her canine siblings. If you would like a photoshoot to capture your dog’s tale, just like Cadbury, please get in touch.


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