Hershey and Cadbury

Dog Photoshoot Times Square

Their story captured in their backyard which happens to be Times Square

Last winter Dogs I Meet photographer, Mindy Dutka, was walking in Central Park and two dogs caught her attention, one of whom was in a doggie wheelchair.

Dog photoshoot in Times Square

Turns out these two dogs, Hershey and Cadbury were very special. Hershey was 19 years old and Cadbury was 13 years old.

Dog photoshoot Times Square

Mindy offered to send their owners the photos and as soon as Max received them he called and asked to schedule a photoshoot in their ‘backyard’ Times Square to honor their relationship with their dogs.

Cadbury and Hershey

The irony is that Max, Fran, Hershey and Cadbury came from Baltimore and retired to NYC and landed above M&M World! Their love of chocolate was everywhere they turned.


The photoshoot was serendipitous as their beloved Hershey passed just three weeks after the photoshoot.

Dog photoshoot Times Square

In the words of Max and Fran “We are so grateful to have these priceless photos. Mindy captured Hershey’s personality so perfectly. Looking at the photos, we feel he is still with us.”


Max added “Hershey captured the hearts of many street vendors, doormen, shopkeepers, homeless individuals and countless commuters who counted on seeing him every day. Many would leave their posts to come out and pet Hershey.”

Dog photoshoot Times Square

Cadbury and his parents are still out daily enjoying Times Square.


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