Meet the Dogs of Boston


A beautiful fall day means street photography and meeting dogs!

Street photography is always an adventure, a chance to learn and tell a dog’s tale and an opportunity to forge a connection.

And last but not least it’s a challenge to think on your feet and capture the “shot” within minutes sometimes seconds.

To borrow a line from Forest Gump,’it is almost like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get!’

You can view and purchase a digital copy of any of these photos in the Boston street photography gallery.


Meet: Ike – a Corgi

Age: 5 months

Favorite Toy: Glow Pop Rocket Toy

Obsession: Socks

Favorite Pastime: Snuggling with his humans

Favorite Food: Chicken

Naughtiest Deed: Ripping up his human’s sweater


Meet: Adele – a Standard Poodle

Age: 3 years

Favorite Toy: Ball

Obsession: Ball, other dogs & water

Favorite Pastime: Chasing the ball

Favorite Food: Cheese

Naughtiest Deed: Chewing up a shoe


Meet: Melody – a Lab Mix

Age: 2.5 years

Favorite Toy: Hedgehog (he had surgery today!)

Obsession: Food

Favorite Pastime: Chasing Squirrels

Favorite Food: Chicken

Naughtiest Deed: Remodelled a table


Meet: Maggie – a Border Terrier Mix

Age: 13 years

Favorite Toy: Doesn’t play with toys

Obsession: Food

Favorite Pastime: Walking and sleeping

Favorite Food: Cheese

Naughtiest Deed: She is a very good girl


Meet: Emma – a Yorkipoo

Age: 10 years

Favorite Toy: Tennis ball

Obsession: Her dad

Favorite Pastime: Going to the park

Favorite Food: Chicken

Naughtiest Deed: Ate a box of chocolates


Meet: Nacho – a Griffon Pointer

Age: 4 year old

Favorite Toy: Balls

Obsession: Food and play

Favorite Pastime: Running on the beach

Favorite Food: Rawhide

Naughtiest Deed: Stealing his human sister’s stuffed toys


Meet: Bessie & JoJo – Whippets

Age: 8 years & 18 months

Favorite Toy: Deconstructed ones

Obsession: Bessie is obsessed with JoJo

Favorite Pastime: Sleeping in bed

Favorite Food: All food

Naughtiest Deed: Deconstructing their toys


Meet: Ebby – a Shih Tzu

Age: 13.5 years

Favorite Toy: Small Stuffed Animals

Obsession: Her mom

Favorite Pastime: Walking

Favorite Food: Science Diet

Naughtiest Deed: Furniture chewing as a puppy


Meet: Daphney – a Dachshund Spaniel Mix

Age: 2 years

Favorite Toy: Stuffed dragon

Obsession: Snuggling

Favorite Pastime: Swimming in the lake

Favorite Food: Cod skins

Naughtiest Deed: Eating a slice of pizza bigger than her!


Meet: Lily – a Mix Breed

Age: 7.5 years

Favorite Toy: Little elephant

Obsession: Beach

Favorite Pastime: Playing with her master

Favorite Food: Snacks

Naughtiest Deed: A good girl who once ate a slipper


Meet: Bella – a Rotweiler / Doberman

Age: 2 years

Favorite Toy: Tug toy

Obsession: Blankets

Favorite Pastime: Going to the park

Favorite Food: Beef

Naughtiest Deed: Ripping her dad’s clothes


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