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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

Fozzie the Matchmaker

Fozzie the Matchmaking Corgi

Short and funny Fozzie brought Kenny and Caroline together.

Kenny first met Fozzie online 11 years ago when he adopted the Corgi puppy, and it was true love from the moment Fozzie first snuggled into his arms.

Through all the ups and downs that come with being an adult, Kenny was always able to count of Fozzie to be there, ready to rest his head on Kenny’s chest, listen and bring some light to every situation.

Fozzie even made the love connection between Kenny and Caroline (who are now married) when his profile featured his “cute Corgi named Fozzie” and her profile said she “loved cute dogs”.

Even when he’s stirring up some trouble, like when he ate a pair of Kenny’s mother’s Stuart Weitzman shoes, no one stays angry with Fozzie for long, because you can always get new shoes, but Fozzie’s one of a kind.

Of course, he’s really more of a lover and knows when you need a pick me up. Kenny says he has whole conversations with Fozzie while Fozzie keeps the eye contact, and emotional support, throughout.

Fozzie loves being the center of attention. His favorite toys are anything that squeaks and his favorite time to play with them is whenever there are people around to watch him.

King of the castle is who Fozzie is at heart. When he was a younger dog, he would sit on the landing at Kenny’s parents’ house, like a king surveying his land. He knew whose house it really was.

“Short and funny, just like Danny DeVito,” is how Kenny describes Fozzie. Or Fozzie Bear, his Muppet namesake. Wocka! Wocka! (That’s what Fozzie Bear always said after a joke.)

Life’s an adventure for Fozzie and his family. He loves to get out and lie in the sun or go for a drive with Kenny and Caroline. It doesn’t matter where, it’s the journey that matters to Fozzie.

As Fozzie enters his twilight years, he’s not slowing down. Even if he can’t get around on his own the way he used to, his new set of wheels helps him keep up with, and ahead of, Kenny and Caroline.

Fozzie the Matchmaker
Fozzie the Matchmaker

If Kenny could write a letter to Fozzie, he’d thank him for being his best friend, and the best dog. Caroline would thank him for letting her be his mom and bringing them so much love and happiness.

Favorite toy: Anything that squeaks

Favorite Past Time: Sleeping in the sun

Obsession: Showing off with his toys

Favorite Food: Carnivore, all meat

Naughtiest Deed: Ate a pair of Stuart Weitzman shoes

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