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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

Her Name is Lola, She is a Big Dog

Lola Stone is one of a kind. She has more personality than her human parents can pin down!

Her firecracker personality is so unique that you’d have to reach back nearly 90 years to find her human equivalent in Marlene Dietrich’s Lola in the film Blue Angel.

Having already raised two Bernese Mountain Dogs, Lola’s humans were used to the loving, slow-paced demeanour of these large dogs. They were in for a real shock when they thought they’d picked another mellow pup.

As they quickly discovered, this lounging pup turned out to be the most high energy Bernese Mountain Dog they had ever encountered!

Five years and 95 pounds hasn’t slowed this girl down one bit. Perhaps her size hasn’t stopped her because she simply won’t recognize that fact that she is, in fact, a BIG dog!

You’ll find her attempting to sit on your lap, squeezing between your legs for a nuzzle, and trying to squirm underneath the bed for her preferred bedtime spot.

As a puppy this was probably much easier for her and much quieter for the rest of the family!

Her efforts to wriggle under the bed and her monster snores make for one noisy bedtime routine! Lola’s energy just can’t be contained or quelled.

She’s also known as the toy destroyer. It’s a rare toy that survives her jaws and for some reason it can only be found at grandma’s house in the form of a toy hippo that all of the family dogs seem to love.

If her human’s haven’t provided her with a tasty bone that day and forgot the delicate detail of hiding the trashcan away… Lola loves to go trashcan spelunking! Every bit of paper she can find is torn to shreds.

That and the rest of her destruction is then laid out like a crime scene or a proud display of her found treasures. She truly wants you to be impressed with her discoveries!

She also loves watching the Westminster Dog Show, desperately trying to make contact with her fellow canines on the inside: barking and running around to the back of the screen trying to find them.

During commercial breaks her refined taste has her begging for refreshments in the form of shrimp cocktails–hold the cocktail.

Her humans welcome the effort it takes not to be knocked over every time they’re affectionately greeted at the door, the weight they bear when she climbs on to their laps, and the love they share when they can all cuddle up for an afternoon nap.

Through all of her escapades, her human parents simply adore her. “She is a large, beautiful, and fun loving member of our family, who brings us much joy and enjoyment everyday.”

Truly a remarkable character, Lola Stone is one lap dog you’ll never forget!

Favorite Food: Chilean Sea Bass, Shrimp, Corn on the Cob
Favorite Toy: The Hippo
Favorite Pastime: Meeting new dogs
Obsession: The Garbage

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