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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

Kousa Gets Her Waggle Back

A new crowdfunding website saved Kousa’s life

It is always said that the right dog finds you when you need them most. This was the case for Whitney. A few years ago after Whitney lost one of her beloved dogs, she was grieving terribly, but knew she wanted another companion. She was browsing Petfinder one day and came across Kousa’s profile – she fell in love on the spot and Kousa had a new home.

The invincible bond Whitney has with Kousa gives her great support and comfort making day to day life easier to navigate.

Kousa can take one look at Whitney’s face, and know what she is feeling. And whenever she is sad or distressed, Kousa climbs up and wraps her body around her and licks her face. She always just wants to make sure that her ‘mom’ is ok.

Kousa also has a beautiful way of being able to sense when people are sad or upset and can read the faces of strangers. She can tell when they are distressed and makes sure she comforts them as well.

Then Kousa was attacked by another dog which put them both in an extremely stressful situation. But Kousa did her job of protecting her human mom, and ultimately ended up taking the majority of the fight.

Whitney knew immediately that the situation wasn’t good, and that Kousa needed vet care. She rushed Kousa to the vet and after a quick exam, it was determined that she would need surgery.

Whitney knew that she had to give Kousa the surgery no matter what, but there was the fear of how much it would cost. She was unsure of exactly how she was going to pay for the surgery, especially because finances were tight.

When she mentioned financial concerns to the vet he suggested using as a possible solution to help financially. is a pioneering crowdfunding source, dedicated to helping medically compromised pets regain good health.

Whitney had never heard of the before, but the veterinarian was convinced they could help. After posting the story on, the community response was overwhelming and because of that response Whitney was able to get the financial assistance she needed to pay for Kousa’s surgery.

The surgery was successful, and now Kousa is a happy, healthy dog once more. She continues to bring comfort and joy to Whitney every single day of her life. If you’d like to know more you can watch a video about Whitney and Kousa’s story.

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