Hi, I'm Mindy!

Most days I have to pinch myself that I am living my dream job!

Roaming the globe in search of every dog’s story through my camera lens. Honoring family dogs, capturing invincible bonds, inspiring animal advocacy.

I am based in the Boston area, I photograph family dogs, out-and-about dogs, and shelter dogs.

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Mindy Dutka Pet Photographer
Photo credit: Amelia Soper Photography
Mindy and Bailey


You get to a point in life where something shifts and you’re ready to check off those 'wish-I-could' kind of boxes.

These were my wishes:

To travel more. To apply what I do for a living to help dogs. To photograph dogs.

This is how I figured out how to check those boxes and do what I truly love.

Photography had always piqued my curiosity. The way a picture preserves memory and a single snapshot can tell a story. You see, as a New Yorker, I’d become obsessed with Humans of New York, and I had this idea – one that stayed with me – that I could do something similar for dogs.

Outside my career as an event planner, I volunteered at the New York City Animal Control Center as a dog walker and photographer, so I could sharpen my skills. As a part of the volunteer community, I began to understand that I needed to do more than simply take portraits.

I truly needed to help the dogs.

Gradually, Dogs I Meet took shape as I navigated streets around the world with my camera. I made it my mission to capture dog tales, moment by moment, one photograph at a time.

In the past couple of years, I’ve documented daily life inside animal shelters and clinics– from Boston to Playa del Carmen, Mexico.

People have welcomed me into their homes to photograph their companions. Complete strangers have thanked me for taking snapshots of their dogs as we pass on the street. What I’ve discovered, and what brings me absolute joy, is the validation that love is the same language, all over the world. In homes, in shelters.

There are happy stories and sad stories, and plenty in between. Each tale has its merits. Each deserves to be honored, and photographs do just that – they have this invaluable ability to conjure deeply personal memory and evoke emotions, whether those memories and emotions are to be shared with a select few or with anyone who cares to take a deeper look.

I photograph because I absolutely love dogs, and every dog has a tale.


Mindy Dutka is a professional dog photographer based in Boston, Massachusetts.

She believes that every dog has a tale, and, in addition to dog photography sessions, she also photographs dogs she meets on the street.

Mindy believes in giving back and spends time with rescue organizations all around the world photographing adoption and rescue shelters and veterinary clinics.

Image credit: Amelia Soper Photography . Video credit: The Labs & Co


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