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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

Erica and Finn

“I’m so grateful to him. He gives me a reason to get up, and a reason to keep moving. He doesn’t even know that he is doing it, all he has to do is ask for a walk.”

That’s Erica, describing how her dog Finn, subtly and unknowingly provided comfort and support during a time when all of our worlds were turned upside down.

Finn is an Australian Shepard, who is described as hysterically funny and so snuggly, he helped Erica and her husband try to overcome the sadness and grief for life as we knew it, after the pandemic hit. Every morning, Finn has a little ritual. After he eats his breakfast, he runs back to Erica in her bed and gives her a hug almost as his way of saying thank you for breakfast. Mind you, Finn is 65 pounds, still it’s a nice way to get up, a nice way to start the day.

This year has been challenging for Erica and her family. They lost their beloved dog Journey in May. There was uncertainty at work. And as they start to re-adjust, the quarantine rules  continue to change, and they have to pivot again. And through it all, Finn was there to help guide them, or just do something funny to make them smile.

One curveball after another, can lead to this debilitating sensation that you feel, that you don’t want to wake up to. But Erica had to get up, she had to get up because she had to walk Finn. She had to keep moving. And after a few months, she realized, I feel okay. And when wondering what she had been doing to not feel this dread anymore, she realized, “Oh, I’ve been walking in the woods every day with my dog.”

While challenges and unknown are likely still to come, Erica will gratefully take each day, starting with a thank you for breakfast hug and a reason to smile, to get up, and to keep moving.

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