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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

Paying It Forward

Athenahealth Global United Dog Project Fundraiser

Athenahealth Fundraiser for Global United Dog Project

Have you heard Zora’s Tale? She is one of the lucky pups rescued with help from Global United Foundation and Stray from the Heart from Guayanilla, Puerto Rico.

At Zora’s photoshoot Dogs I Meet learned that Zora’s mom works for Athenahealth, a dog friendly company that welcomes employee’s dogs into the workplace.

Zora’s mom and Mindy discussed how Athenahealth could help with a fundraiser for Global United. Luckily the Sr. Associate of Special Projects at Athenahealth is a huge dog lover and she invited Dogs I Meet to a company wide Happy Hour where Mindy photographed 14 dogs in an hour.

A big thank you to all that helped make this fun event happen and for raising $400 for Global United Foundation. Meet the adorable dogs that were photographed for the Cause.

Athenahealth Global United Foundation Fundraiser

Meet: Luna – a Lab / Australian Shepherd

Age: 10 months

Favorite Toy: Stuffed pink elephant

Obsession: Dad’s socks

Favorite Pastime: Chewing a bully stick

Favorite Food: Vanilla soft serve ice cream

Naughtiest Deed: Stealing food off counters

Athenahealth Global United Dog Project Fundraiser

Meet: Jasmine – a Goldendoodle

Age: 2 years

Favorite Toy: Green Alligator

Obsession: Random sticks found on walks

Favorite Pastime: Playing keep away when everyone else is trying to play fetch

Favorite Food: Cheese

Naughtiest Deed: Chewing up the crown molding as a puppy

Meet: Kate – a Boxer

Age: 2 years

Favorite Toy: Ball on a rope

Obsession: Love of all humans

Favorite Pastime: Going to the dog park to see her friends

Favorite Food: Scrambled eggs

Naughtiest Deed: Sitting on the tiny table next to my front door where I put my keys

Meet: Nugget – a Chihuahua / Maltese / Shih Tzu

Age: 5 years

Favorite Toy: Doesn’t like toys

Obsession: Being as close to her humans as possible

Favorite Pastime: Biking with her humans in her backpack

Favorite Food: String cheese

Naughtiest Deed: Eating a bowl of mac and cheese left on the coffee table

Meet: Mezzaluna – a Chihuahua / Terrier

Age: 5 months

Favorite Toy: Tiny squeaky tennis ball

Obsession: Chasing leaves

Favorite Pastime: Sleeping

Favorite Food: Treats

Naughtiest Deed: Chasing the cat

Meet: Nico – a Multipoo

Age: 7 years

Favorite Toy: Vincent Van Squirrel

Obsession: Finding treats

Favorite Pastime: Playing chase

Favorite Food: Gruyere cheese

Naughtiest Deed: Shredding mom’s medical license

Meet: Finnick – a Dachshund Mix

Age: 3 years

Favorite Toy: Stuffed dragon

Obsession: Treats

Favorite Pastime: Trying to destroy his stuffed dragon

Favorite Food: Other dog’s food

Naughtiest Deed: Pooping in the office that one time

Meet: Brady – a Cockapoo

Age: 6 years

Favorite Toy: His stuffed crab (Crabbie)

Obsession: SOCKS!

Favorite Pastime: Going to the beach

Favorite Food: JP Licks cow paw sundae

Naughtiest Deed: Escaping from his crate as a puppy and chewing everything in the bedroom

Meet: Pammie – a Cairn Terrier

Age: 8 years

Favorite Toy: Unicorn squeaker

Obsession: Food

Favorite Pastime: Barking

Favorite Food: All

Naughtiest Deed: Barking ferociously at bicycles

Meet: Millie – a Border Terrier

Age: 1.5 years

Favorite Toy: Her sloth and dragon (can’t choose one)

Obsession: Rubbing her face in the carpet

Favorite Pastime: Chasing small animals

Favorite Food: Turkey burgers

Naughtiest Deed: Running away from her grandma and grandpa (and scaring them half to death)

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