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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

Photos Matter

Working with a professional photographer can be an unforgettable experience.

From consultation to finished portraits, the fine art of pet photography is a journey you’ll share with your pet that will make memories to last a lifetime. Photos matter because permanence matters, especially when your most precious memories are at stake. No matter how advanced today’s phones become, they simply do not offer the permanency a professional pet photographer offers.

Pictures in any medium are wonderful keepsakes but how many times have we taken rapid-fire phone pics, saved them to a device or the cloud, then promptly forgotten them? How many precious memories of pets have been lost in cyberspace or to the drive of a discarded or damaged device? Sure, it’s convenient to effortlessly take pictures and scroll through them up with the swipe of a thumb. But we often take for granted the countless pics we have stashed away in our electronic gadgets.

As nice as it is to have instant photos at our fingertips, there’s a very special feeling associated with high-quality photographs, especially when displayed in every day places that you will see all the time. Images of you and your pets deserve a permanent spot on walls, in offices, end tables, even your wallet – places where you’re constantly reminded of their unconditional love.

As amazing as today’s technology is, there’s no substitute for the constant presence and being able to touch the framed photograph of a loved one. One way to look at it is to consider what you would save in the event of a fire. There is actually detailed research on this! Ranking right behind money, most people will grab photographs before fleeing a house fire – even before rescuing cell phones. This isn’t terribly surprising given the emotional attachment we have to our favorite pictures.

Professional pet photographers share a genuine love of animals, providing them a true understanding of the love between you and your pets. They understand that each pet is different, that your bond is as unique as your personalities. You probably have a meaningful location that you want to memorialize with your pet. A professional pet photographer will work with you to capture that location exactly as you want it remembered.

Experienced photographers instinctively know what settings and moods tell the story of your relationship. This is absolutely critical when considering that permanent memories of you and your pets together is the ultimate goal. Selfies and spur-of-the-moment phone pics simply cannot capture the moment at a professional level. It’s no different than a family portrait when you think about it – you should be featured with your pets for the memories to transcend time.

At some point your pet will likely pass on before you. It’s not a pleasant thought, but it’s a reality we all face as pet owners. Preserving the moments via spontaneous camera pictures might be amusing for social media, but that’s no substitute for the incomparable quality of a professionally photographed portrait. You and your family are worth it, and so are the family members who bark, meow, squawk, and oink. Don’t make the mistake of risking their legacy to an anonymous server or phone that may pass on before your pets.

It truly comes down to expertise and experience when creating the lifetime photos your pets deserve. You would not entrust photographic portraits of your children and family members to a disposable cell phone, so why would you for beloved pets. They deserve the same high quality, artistic, professionally-crafted photographs that family portraits receive.

Today’s professional pet photographers realize they are now competing with personal devices for the privilege of photographing your pets. In the time it takes to sift through hundreds of pics on a phone seeking the one or two gems, you can easily locate a local professional photographer online who will happily consult with you to create and preserve memories that will last for generations.

Once you consider all that’s involved in creating extraordinary, permanent photographs, it becomes clear that working with a professional pet photographer is a worthwhile investment. The value comes from the expertise, the experience, the shared love of pet, the artistic journey. It’s truly a journey with your pet that will never be forgotten through the permanency of the printed photograph. Now, more than ever, photographs matter. Your pets are worth it.

“My aunt gave my wife and I the amazing Christmas gift of a Dogs I Meet photoshoot with Mindy for our corgi Fozzie. Mindy took her time to get what are, hands down, the best photos of Fozzie that exist. She was able to photograph him right around our home where he was comfortable and she knew some handy tricks to get Fozzie’s attention and timeless expressions. These pictures will be a beautiful memory of Fozzie as this will likely be his last winter (now 12 years old with degenerative myleopathy). Thank you so much for capturing the spirit of our happy little man.”

Kenny, Caroline, and Fozzie

“Mindy and her professional photography service captured the look and spirit of my late dog Sophie just perfectly. Mindy is a wonderful photographer and person! My dog Sophie was 17 years old and Mindy was able to interact with her to get some amazing photos that helped me understand her passing and experience and remember her joyful spirit! I look at Sophie’s photos everyday when I wake up. Mindy understands your connection to your pet and produces photos to capture those feelings.”

Debbie S

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