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Dogs I Meet Connects Top Dog Photographers and Pet Industry Influencers
with Animal Rescue Organizations in the Yucatan

Boston, MA - Give Them a voice: Chief Storyteller of Dogs I Meet, Mindy Dutka,is on a mission to give a voice to the countless unseen animal welfare organizations around the globe. In her first successful excursion, Mindy recruited five of the industry’s top photographers and two of the most influential animal advocates to tour and photograph two animal rescue shelters in the Mexican Yucatan Peninsula. She explains, “I wanted to connect top animal photographers and powerful animal advocates with the forsaken animals and people of rescues.”

How Dogs I Meet makes a difference:

For this mission, the group visited two rescue organizations in need - SOS el Arca, a shelter with over 300 dogs, and Cocos Animal Welfare, whose main program is low cost spay and neutering. Prior to the visit, Cocos and SOS had little to no imagery to share their story, as is most often the case with non-profit organizations. Through the Dogs I Meet mission, both organizations can now utilize storytelling-through-photography to open a channel of outreach, gain awareness, and procure funding. Natalia Martinez, photographer and co-founder of The Labs & Co had this to say of the work, “Before Mindy’s Dogs I Meet Mission, I was not aware of the existence and important work that Cocos and SOS el Arca were doing. To have had the opportunity to visit, see the work in action and talk to the people involved… AND to be able to help there and then with something so simple (for me) yet so valuable for visibility and marketing, it’s priceless and something I wouldn’t think twice about doing again.” Natalia continues, “We’ve done extensive charity work for animals close to our home in California, but we’ve never had the opportunity to connect like this so far around the world.”

Get Involved:

Mindy encourages Animal advocates, dog lovers, and philanthropists to connect with Dogs I Meet to track each mission and learn how to participate. “That’s the whole idea,” she reiterates, “Tell these important stories. Get people involved. Help the animals.”

About Dogs I Meet:

Dogs I Meet believes every dog has a tale. Chief Storyteller, Mindy Dutka, roams the globe in search of every dog’s story. With Boston as her home-base, she photographs family dogs, out-and-about dogs, and shelter dogs. Touted for her storytelling and dogged documentation by the likes of branding expert Working with Dog, Mindy’s mission is to honor family dogs, capture invincible bonds, and inspire animal advocacy.