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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale



It was a perfect day at Pawfect Life Rescue when 14 beautiful puppies arrived via transport truck from Texas.

As the furry Fab Four – John, Paul, George, and Ringo – ended their long journey (along with 10 of their entourage) a palpable joy and hope filled the air around these amazing pups.

For those of us fortunate enough to be there, the feeling of holding, cuddling, telling them, “We’ve got you, you’re safe now,” is almost indescribable. Within seconds of arriving, they seemed to innately understand that they were finally safe and secure.

They wanted to tell us as only puppies can that they were happy and ready to begin their new lives at forever homes.


The transfer occurred without a hitch thanks to a great team effort with long-time partner Cassie’s Place in San Angelo, Texas and the Humane Society of Southeast Texas.

They will stay at Pawfect Life’s isolation center to meet Massachusetts Dept. of Agriculture requirement.

They will then be introduced to the world through ‘Puppy Palooza!’ an event for prospective new families to meet and greet the pups and submit an application to adopt.


The fab four aren’t the only celebrities.

There’s Dee, the Min Pin mom, who has six beautiful puppies dubbed the ‘J. Crew’ because all their names start with J (Judd, Jeri, Joyce, Jeff, Jimmy and Janet).

The mixed pups are nearly her size and they’re absolutely adorable.

Then there’s Elvira, a beautiful black Lab mix pup, and Monty, a stunning Corgi-Shepard mix with gorgeous blue eyes.

Gypsy Moon is a precious Pit Bull who has overcome cruel ear mutilation and blossomed into a beautiful puppy.

But we know she will find a wonderful home where she will love and be loved as she deserves.

The Results So Far

In fact, Pawfect Life expects all 14 new arrivals to quickly find loving homes. To date, Judd, Jeri, Joyce, Elvira, Monty, Dee and George have already been adopted.

As part of the transfer arrangement, Cassie’s Place and the Humane Society have joined Pawfect’s Facebook family page in order to follow the progress of the puppies through pictures and FB posts.

The Texas rescuers truly want to stay involved with the dogs and watch them thrive with their new (New England) families, forming a pawfect north-south connection.

The Tale of Ralphie

We learned of another tale at Pawfect during the great Texas puppy exchange. It’s literally the tail of Ralphie.

Ralphie is mixed Pointer pup, also from Texas, who has a case of ‘happy tail’. Although it sounds amusing, happy tail (when an overly happy dog wags it’s tail constantly) often causes the tail to break open, causing pain and potentially serious medical issues.

Despite months of failed treatment to heal Ralphie’s injury, his tail had to be docked, creating an unhappy vet bill.


To that end, Pawfect Life is holding a fundraiser through the Generation T program (the T stands for Trade) to sell dog-houses donated by local area Massachusetts high schools.

A lot of high schools now have computer labs instead of shop classes, so Generation T pulls kids back into the trade instead of just focusing on technology.

Milford High School students did a Generation T event working with Lowe’s who donated all the supplies so they could build dog houses. They’re beautiful and they did a wonderful job.

Once they were built students from Hopedale High School painted them and a professional roofer shingled them. It was a huge community project between Milford, Hopedale, the school system, and Lowe’s in Milford, MA.


In total, 10 beautiful dog houses were constructed and donated. The goal is to sell all ten houses at the bargain price of $50 each, in order to cover Ralphie’s vet bills.

Could anything be more perfect than Puppy Palooza and purchasing a brand-new doghouse for Ralphie’s docked tail? We at Dogs I Meet think not.


Dogs I Meet was thrilled to photograph the unforgettable tale of the 14 Texas pups arriving to Pawfect Life Rescue.

We encourage everyone in the area to come out and meet the puppies and fill out an application if interested in adopting.

Even if you’re not looking to adopt, the fab four and their pals would love to make new friends, and perhaps interest you in a lovely new doghouse for a great cause.

you can help too


As you can imagine caring for the puppies until they are adopted is an enormous expense any donations small or large would be a help.

Please feel free to share this story and/or make a donation.