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An Inspiring Look at How 5 Famous Dog Photographers Have Turned Pet Photography into an Art

an inspiring look at how famous dog photographers turned pet photography into art

Curious about what it means to be working with a famous dog photographer?

Pet photography has turned from a fun hobby to awe-inspiring art, thanks to a few famous dog photographers.

Take a look at some of the best dog photographers’ works below if you want a daily dose of unforgettable pet imagery.

But first…

What makes a great dog photo?

It’s rather subjective, but some of the best dog photos go beyond your dogs’ cuteness and capture their character.

The smallest smirks and the slightest head tilts are just a few focus points in pet photography that never fail to show what makes your pets who they are.

Memorable dog photos capture a connection to the dog, show the dog’s spirit, and elicit visceral emotions from the viewer.

good dog photo characteristicsPhoto Credit: Mindy Dutka/Dogs I Meet

5 famous dog photographers who elevated pet photography into an art form

Famous dog photographer #1: Seth Casteel

An award-winning dog photographer, Seth Casteel is the New York Times Best-Selling Author of Underwater Dogs. It’s a photo collection-turned-book that showcased Fidos diving into swimming pools.

As one of the best dog photographers, Seth considers it his life’s pursuit to explore dogs’ emotions.

He believes that even with all the luxurious things dogs get to enjoy today, they still have a need to explore their wild instincts. And water is one of the best avenues for them to do this.

He said, “Before meeting me, most of them had never been underwater before and some had never even been swimming. Dogs prove to us that if you just jump in, you might have fun along the way. Dogs inspire us!”

famous dog photographer seth casteelPhoto Credit: Seth Casteel

Famous dog photographer #2: Vincent Musi

Vincent Musi has been a regular contributor to National Geographic for over 30 years.

He has covered diverse subjects, like Sicilian mummies and life under volcanoes. With a twist of fate, he also cultivated a specialty in animal photography along the way.

According to Vincent, it was his family who encouraged him to feature animals and create stories about them.

Assigning personalities to each animal he photographs, he compiled all these photos and “dogographies” in his latest book, The Year of Dogs.

dog photographer vincent musiPhoto Credit: Vincent Musi

Famous dog photographer #3: Walter Chandoha

A famous dog photographer, Walter Chandoha is renowned for being one of the first who specialized in taking animal portraits.

In fact, his career spanned over seven decades, as he was the go-to photographer for all pet brands.

At a time when the world appeared to be divided into cat and dog lovers, Walter loved both creatures equally as subjects of his images.

His book, Dogs Photographs 1941–1991, showcases his legacy. It also demonstrates his unprecedented combination of technique, versatility, and soul.

best dog photographer walter chandohaPhoto Credit: Walter Chandoha

Famous dog photographer #4: William Wegman

Many consider William Wegman one of the best dog photographers to come out of the California Conceptual Movement.

Since the 1970s, he has taken fascinating photos of his beloved Weimaraners, capturing their unique personalities.

His work, Human Beings, features his canine companions in human clothing and offers a fresh perspective on animals through his lens.

dog photographer william wegmanPhoto Credit: William Wegman

Famous dog photographer #5: Elke Vogelsang

A commercial pet photographer, Elke Vogelsang specializes in expressive dog portraits.

But would you believe that her obsession with pet photography started when her husband was rushed to the hospital and had no short-term memory for weeks?

During that uncertainty-filled time, Elke decided to create a photographic diary to help her spouse remember things. Eventually, her better half recuperated, and she continued taking photos using their dogs as her subjects.

Nowadays, Elke often works with dogs with disabilities or camera anxiety.

pet photographer elke vogelsangPhoto credit: Elke Vogelsang

3 best tips from reputable dog photographers

Here’s what you can do if working with a famous dog photographer isn’t possible for your own pet brand:

Best dog photographer tip #1: Keep the eyes sharp.

Sharp eyes are always important in portrait photography—and pet photography is no different!

As they say, The eyes are the windows to the soul.” And your pet’s eyes can be very expressive.

So make sure to focus on your pets eyes. Keep them tack sharp.

Best dog photographer tip #2: Be patient.

Pet photography requires a lot of patience.

Dogs, cats, and other pets can be pretty excitable. But if youre patient enough, your furry friend will end up relaxing.

And that’s when you can get some of your best shots!

Best dog photographer tip #3: Get down on the ground and photograph your dog at his eye level.

There is one simple way to make your images interesting and keep them separated from the crowd.

Most people with a camera tend to photograph at their eye level.

But rather than do that, get down on the ground and photograph the dog at his eye level. Or shoot from down below or up above. Experiment with different angles, different compositions, and different lenses.

How much does it cost to work with a dog photographer for your pet brand?

Prices for pet photography vary depending on numerous factors. But just to give you an idea, pet photography costs can range from a few hundred dollars to tens of thousands of dollars.

This makes sense when you consider things like how well-known your dog photographer is, what deliverables you will need, and where and how you will be using the photos.

Working with a commercial dog photographer?

should you work with a commercial dog photographerPhoto Credit: Mindy Dutka/Dogs I Meet

If hiring a famous dog photographer isn’t possible for your business, working with a less famous yet experienced one can still bring much to the table.

And that’s where our very own Mindy Dutka comes in.

A brand strategist by profession and animal advocate by heart, Mindy takes pet photography to a whole new level by crafting the perfect story just for you.

She’s also a visual storyteller. So if you want to work with a professional who can capture the emotions you want to be associated with your brand, don’t think twice about scheduling a consultation today.