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Professional Photoshoot Challenges: How Commercial Pet Photographers Overcome Obstacles

Professional Photoshoot Challenges How Commercial Pet Photographers Overcome Obstacles

For many a commercial pet photographer, commercial photography is fun and fulfilling, but it’s not without its challenges.

After all, commercial pet photography is about capturing a brand’s story in a photograph and connecting clients to their animals through photos that evoke emotions and help build trust.

Fortunately, there are some ways we can make the whole commercial pet photography experience a breeze, and we’ll talk about them here in this article.

Let’s start.

What is a commercial pet photographer?

what is a commercial pet photographer

A commercial pet photographer is someone who takes custom pictures that clearly communicate a pet brand’s story to its target audience.

The commercial pet photographer mainly works with pets as they snap away photos that capture the essence of your pet brand and ensure that you stand out from the crowd.

When you work with a commercial pet photographer near Boston (or someplace else), you get authentic and scroll-stopping images that are so enthralling that pet owners can’t help but fall in love with your pet brand.

However, to get those engaging and captivating shots, your commercial pet photographer will need to consider a lot of factors.

These include:

  • the quantity, quality, and type of human and animal talent required for the shoot,
  • the ability to understand and communicate with animals, and
  • the ability to guide both human and animal models to get the best angles and the imagery to tell your brand story.

How a commercial pet photographer overcomes photoshoot challenges

overcoming the challenges of working with a commercial pet photographer

Considering what it takes to produce a smooth commercial pet photography experience and results that exceed expectations, it’s inevitable that a commercial pet photographer will encounter a few challenges.

No need to worry, though. The key here lies in working with a professional pet photographer who knows what to do when things don’t exactly go according to plan.

In fact, below are a handful of tips from Mindy, our very own visual storyteller and brand strategist here at Dogs I Meet, on how she overcomes these challenges:

Commercial pet photographer’s tip #1: Do your homework before the shoot.

The best commercial pet photographer is one who does their research beforehand to prepare for your photo session.

For Mindy, this generally means getting prepared with a storyboard, shot list, props, and having assistants.

She also makes it a point to review the session’s goals with her clients before the shoot. This is effective in ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

Commercial pet photographer’s tip #2: Patience is key.

patience is key when working with a commercial pet photographer

As they say, patience is a virtue, and this is true when working with pets.

After all, taking photos during a commercial pet photography session is not easy, especially when you consider animals’ boundless energy.

Dogs, for example, typically don’t feel an inclination to pose for photoshoots.

Plus, they feed off the energy you project while you’re working. Because of this, you need to work with a patient commercial pet photographer who makes the session fun not only for them but also for everyone involved.

Mindy normally illustrates this in her work by letting the subjects know what to expect before they get started. She also explains what she has in mind for the images she’ll be capturing.

Aside from that, she gives them a few tips to follow and engages them in the process.

She also sees to it that the dogs aren’t put in stressful situations. If a dog is nervous, she gives them time to regroup before moving to a “Plan B” of the image she wants to take.

Commercial pet photographer’s tip #3: Be prepared, but always welcome the unexpected.

Anything can happen during your commercial pet photography session, and not all pet models will cooperate 100%. That’s why your commercial pet photographer has to understand their human and animal subjects.

As a professional pet photographer herself, Mindy takes this lesson to heart. In fact, she always reads the body language of her animal models and meets them at their level.

Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances can also happen, like a change in the weather or a delay in schedule due to emergencies.

In such instances, Mindy makes sure that she’s prepared, as she may not have the option to choose what time of day to hold the commercial pet photoshoot (e.g., if she needs to photograph midday instead of during ideal light time).

In the same way, your commercial pet photographer also has to be ready to anticipate whatever may occur. It’s crucial that they think of solutions before problems arise.

Commercial pet photographer’s tip #4: Let the dogs feel comfortable around you.

let the dogs feel comfortable around you

The best way to have a smooth session with a commercial pet photographer is when they bond and spend time with their subjects. Letting the animals feel comfortable around them helps a lot.

This is especially true for Mindy, as she believes that the more a dog feels at ease around her, the more great photos she can capture.

The photographer’s ability to engage with and put their human and animal models at ease is essential to having a successful photo session.

Commercial pet photographer’s tip #5: Capture the dogs’ character.

Animals are some of the perfect subjects. In fact, their character says it all when it comes to telling your brand story.

For Mindy, this means that her work as a commercial pet photographer captures not just her talents’ personalities but also the essence of your brand vision through impactful photos that bring out the models’ authentic emotions. Photos that evoke emotional responses from your target audience are a key factor in building trust in your brand and cultivating happy customers.

All in all

When choosing a commercial pet photographer, it is important to select someone whose work resonates with you.

A good commercial pet photographer should be able to create impactful storytelling photos that encapsulate your brand story. The right photos can help create brand-loyal fans, boost your online presence, and increase sales. You can, therefore, rest assured that they will help take your business to the next level.

Interested in commercial pet photography that tells your brand’s tale? Feel free to shoot us an email at Or, go to and book a free discovery call.