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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

Rude Boy’s Epic Tale

Rude Boy's Epic Tale

Join Rude Boy on his Epic Tale (aka his Best Day Ever!)

Rude Boy is on a New York City adventure – first up it’s coffee with his mom at Boris and Horton!

Look at all this cool stuff!! I’ll take one of everything…

Can we take this Casper dog bed home? Pleeeeease?

What does this sign mean ‘NO PETS’?? That’s rude!

Hi hi Hedda and Marlo! Wanna go for a walk?

Where are we going? It looks like Tompkins Square Park!

Do we want a treat you say? We’re all ears!

Time to shop at LoveThyBeast!

Just going to have a little rest here…

Time for a snooze at The Bean after a very exciting day!

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