Tales of Support

The dogs who support us along the way and are helping us through

believes dogs are among the unsung heroes of COVID-19. It is scientifically proven that the human-dog bond can improve a person’s physical and mental well being. The pandemic has turned every dog into a therapy dog. In a time met with unprecedented levels of loneliness and tragedy, the wagging tails and wigglebutts turned out to be the support system we all needed. Through photos and stories, Tales of Support will spotlight dogs that have played an important role in sustaining their humans throughout the pandemic.


In the spring of 2019, Anna and her family would welcome a happy-go-lucky, energetic Beagle puppy, who would soon become their new best friend and constant companion. The puppy was to be Jack’s (Anna’s son) dog. As the world would ultimately become affected by the COVID-19 pandemic just a year later, Omelet the beagle  would bring Anna and her family happiness and solace during this dark, troubling time.


The location is Wilfred Pond, Tisbury, MA.  A favorite spot for spending time with Omelet.

Jenn _Salt_website-1937

A special moment between Jen and Salt.


A house is never lonely where a loving dog waits—even in quarantine.

There’s no doubt about it: the pandemic made a rough year for everyone, everyday lives plagued by loneliness and tragic news. Add to that the hardship of being a healthcare worker dedicating long hours to your job, and you’re met with the kind of stress that only a dog’s unconditional love could remedy. For Jen, a third-generation nurse living in the Boston area, pockets of happiness in an otherwise rough time came in the form of affection from her canine companion,


A busy resident of Brooklyn, NY, Ericca’s life changed dramatically when the pandemic began—but not just because of quarantine. Daisy Dream the pitbull mix came into her life at serendipitous timing and became the catalyst for making her career dreams come true.


Ericca and Daisy shake hands.

Pattyanne-Tricky_TOS-DIM website_0970

Location: Regis College, Weston, MA. Regis Campus holds a place in Pattyanne’s heart. Both she and her mother are Regis Alumni.


“There were deaths and there were colleagues that got sick. There was the sadness, fear, and the emotional and physical drain of the pandemic; and the tears that would inevitably flow without control,” Pattyanne said.
“He would just lick the tears off my face; would sit on the couch next to me with his head on my lap and just snuggle in closer,” Pattyanne said of her dearly loved pet. “You have to let that emotion out because you have to go back to work the next day.”


“I’m so grateful to him. He gives me a reason to get up, and a reason to keep moving. He doesn’t even know that he is doing it, all he has to do is ask for a walk.”

That’s Erica, describing how her dog Finn, subtly and unknowingly provided comfort and support during a time when all of our worlds were turned upside down.

Erica_Finn_Tharp_TOS-0170-website copy

Ashland State Park, Ashland, MA is Erica and Finn’s favorite place for their daily therapeutic walks.

Pope family-5x7_TOS--1563

Sweetwaters Cafe, Natick, MA- Greg & Liz are the Franchise Owners


How quickly life can change in a month. Something most of us can relate to, as the pandemic has touched all of us in so many ways.. Liz and Greg had always talked about getting a puppy. They had both grown up with dogs and knew the happiness a dog could bring. But it never seemed to be the right time. Once most of the country was put on shut down, Greg decided now was the time. It would be a silver lining to these challenging times.


When this veterinary student decided to open her home to two foster dogs along with her own rescue dog, Xena, she was unaware her classes would soon move to a remote platform. The training of the dogs would consume all of her free time. In a year otherwise spent in solitude, Natasha enjoyed the company of her three canine companions and the serendipitous timing of their arrival.

Natasha_Xena_TOS-DIM website_1044

Chauncy Lake, Westborough, MA- Natasha and Xena’s special location for their daily quiet times together.

Mindy bio-Bailey


Boston based photographer, Mindy Dutka, has been crafting her pet photography skills for the past 5 years. Combined with her passion for animals, especially dogs, Mindy creates opportunities for businesses, rescue organizations, and families to use photographs to tell stories that inspire, fundraise, and give back to these beloved animals that don't have a voice of their own. Mindy believes that every dog has a tale, and these tales should be shared and heard.

Mindy's compassion for animals and ability to connect and capture their spirit shines through in her work. You'll often find yourself feeling visceral emotions to her photographs, whether it's a smile because of a dog's adorable head tilt, or sadness looking at a dog through a shelter's fence. Mindy's photographs have been used to tell the stories of wonderful organizations such as the Veterinary Emergency Group and animal rescues around the world. Her photographs are also cherished by families who now have a tangible representation of their beloved connection to their pets. Mindy feels sincere joy and gratefulness that her work is her passion.


My dog has kept me sane during the pandemic. Can you relate? Do you have a story you would like to share through Tales of Support?

Please email hello@dogsimeet.com with a quick introduction and summary of your story. Currently looking for stories in the Boston, New York City and San Francisco area.