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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

The Lady of the Sea

Phoebe has been a member of her adoring human family for ten years–from the time she was a puppy.

Her family fondly recalls those puppy years, and the joy Phoebe brought them after the loss of their beloved labs. Compared to their labs they could hardly believe just how tiny this new pup was!

But Phoebe grew to be a beautiful Brittany Spaniel with a huge heart for her people and for her many unique adventures.

One of her favorite pastimes is going out on a boat! This seafaring lady prefers not to dampen her coat with a swim, but loves the sensation she gets from the pitching of the deck as it does the swimming for her.

When she’s not showing off her sea legs she uses them to run around any opportunity she can get, whether that’s out on the hiking trails or just out with her family.

Phoebe doesn’t always run with the crowd… at least not the four-legged one. She prefers the company of her two-legged family members and other humans during her adventures.

But she does enjoy a good run around in the yard when visiting her four-legged cousins!

Phoebe was elated anytime her college-attending human would return home. She could finally take advantage of this human’s more lax rules about being on the couch and sneak up to snuggle anytime she thought she could risk it!

When this bravery hits, Phoebe begs for attention while also hiding her head under the pillow with the obvious attitude of “if I can’t see you… then you can’t see me up on the couch breaking all of the rules! Also, look how cute I am and pet me!”

She tried to make a few trips to Cornell to visit her college-going human but Phoebe finds many scenarios to be a bit much, and cause her a touch of anxiety. Just a short visit and a hotel stay was enough to make her yearn for the comfort of home and the peace of sleeping through the night in her own bed…

The most endearing Phoebe quality is her ability to overcome those moments of anxiety. She’s been a great inspiration to her family in showing them how to make it through their daily struggles.

Every bad moment passes and there’s always a good moment coming. She makes sure to live every second of those good moments to the fullest! She’s a beautiful example of what it’s like to live happily in the present despite the past.

In short, Phoebe is loveable, happy, and will melt the heart of anyone she encounters. If you weren’t a dog person before, you will be after a moment spent with her!

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