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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

The Tales of 2018

The tales Dogs I Meet told through photography in 2018

I have met so many wonderful people and gorgeous dogs this year. Each has their own special bond and tale to tell and I’m always so thrilled to be the one who gets to tell that story through my camera lens.

This year I visited two international rescue centers where I took photos of the dogs and people to raise awareness and money and even help find some of the dogs their forever homes. I am very passionate about rescue work and I will be doing a lot more of it next year.

Here are the highlights of my year and I’m so excited about all the dogs and people I will meet in 2019 – I hope you and your dog will be one of them.

PS. This is Rude Boy who was my model for a new offering launching in 2019 – Epic Tales!

Dogs-I-Meet The Tales of 2018 come to life as a group of people strike a pose in front of a house, capturing an unforgettable moment.

SOS el Arca & Coco’s Animal Welfare

In January I organized a mission trip in Mexico that included 7 top dog photographers from all over the world. We visited two rescue organizations in Playa del Carmen, to help give them a voice through photos and video.

Pawfect Life Rescue

Who can resist puppies? Pawfect Life Rescue had the job of finding homes for a rescued St. Bernard and her 12 puppies. I couldn’t wait to photograph them to help them all find homes and I’m pleased to report – Mission Successful!

Puerto Rico Dog Rescue

Puerto Rico

In April I traveled to Puerto Rico as the official photographer with Global United Foundation to document the scope of the problem with stray dogs and help create awareness and raise funds for the work being done to help the dogs.

Meet One of Puerto Rico Pups

A few months after returning I followed the story of a special pup named Zora who was rescued during my visit and came to her new home in MA which coincidentally is close to mine. This is her tale in photos.

Global United Foundation Fundraiser

As well as adopting Zora, her new mom helped arrange a fundraiser for GUF through her workplace Athena Health which is a very dog friendly company. It also included a photoshoot for all of the dogs.

Athenahealth Global United Dog Project Fundraiser

Street Photography

This year I met dogs on the street in Belize, Ontario Canada, Florida, Manhattan, Boston & San Francisco. If I capture your dog you can purchase a digital copy with a charity donation to GUF.

Wagging Tails Portrait Photography

A Wagging Tales photo session is a wonderful experience but sometimes there is an extra special reason behind a session. I loved photographing Daisy and her owner so much and you can read why here.

Daisy Dog Story
Dogs-I-Meet A close up of a white dog laying on a bed, inspired by The Tales of 2018.

Show and Tale

I love sharing your dog photos and stories too and this year started to do that through Show and Tale. If you would like your dog featured just fill in the form with some details and I will be in touch.

The Dog Tales

I love The Dog Tales so much! Every 2 weeks I share my favorite inspirational, funny and incredible dog stories from around the world by email. To make sure you receive your copy sign up on the home page.

The Dog Tales

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