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Because every dog has a  tale

Because every dog has a  tale

Boomer the Goofball

Dogs-I-Meet Boomer the Goofball, a dog standing on a log in the snow.

Meet Johanna and her ‘goofball’ rescue dog Boomer

Boomer had a rough start to life. As a puppy she was abandoned with two of her siblings in a dumpster.

Dogs-I-Meet Boomer the Goofball, a dog standing in a puddle with tennis balls.

Luckily they weren’t there long before a kind-hearted lady found them and brought them to the shelter.

Dogs-I-Meet A woman sitting on a wooden bench with Boomer the Goofball.

It was there that Boomer met Johanna.

Dogs-I-Meet Boomer the Goofball, a woman's beloved dog, enjoying some playtime in the snow as his owner pets him affectionately.

It was love and first sight and Johanna knew instantly that she would be taking Boomer home.

Dogs-I-Meet A brown and white dog named Boomer sitting in the snow.

At first Johanna was a little nervous about all of the responsibilities that come with a dog. Boomer quickly calmed all of those fears with the love she gave.

Johanna never imagined that having a dog would be as much of a gift to her as it was to Boomer. As with any relationship, there are some things that need to be worked on.

Dogs-I-Meet Boomer the Goofball accompanies a woman on a path near a body of water.
Dogs-I-Meet A woman with Boomer the Goofball dog standing on the steps of a building.

Boomer and Johanna teach each other patience. They mutually train each other to become the best version of themselves. Boomer is such a goofball, if she could laugh out loud she probably would! Boomer brings so much joy to Johanna every day.

Having a dog changes you, and it certainly has for Johanna and Boomer. They can’t imagine life without each other now and they will continue to share a bond through laughter and love that will last an eternity.

Dogs-I-Meet Boomer the Goofball woman walking her dog in the snow.

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